Friday, 15 May 2009

Online feature.

I have an artists feature running for this month, on a music/art/review website called
Go take a peep. You will find it at:


Newquay game of skate 2009

Last saturday was the newquay game of skate comp. organised by Cyrus and Christian, with me as the referee! It was a lovely dry windless sunny day, and here are some shots I took of the contest. Well done Cyrus, thanks for the invite. And well done Moss for bagging the winnings.

T-shirts now available!

The Bolekta camera artwork I designed for ekta skateboards is available now in all sizes.The design is part of a series also including artwork from french and travis Millard.To get hold of one of these t-shirts contact for available stockists.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

To begin...

I'm new to this, so i'll keep it short through fear of being dull.
I shall publish artworks in progress, forthcoming projects and random shit as it happens (as long as its worth sharing).

To begin, here is a link to my artwork website:
Where you can view a few completed works and leave a message if you fancy it.