Monday, 7 December 2009

How to make 15 guitars for your childrens school play

First of all grab some thick card suitable for the job, draw your guitar shaped outline on them, and then with a bloody big knife cut them out thus:

Then you'll be needing lots of paint, so you best be getting under the stairs to find that old tin you once painted the hallway with.
Mix it with some more paint like you know what your doing, and not at all like your making this up as you go along:

Then several (what seems like thousands) of hours later you will have a collection of cardboard guitars:

At this point you may question what on earth your childrens school would want with fifteen guitars for a christmas nativity play.
I'm fairly sure that in the nativity at my school the three wise men weren't a travelling band, and even if they were, who's gonna use the other twelve? Maybe its set in rural Ireland this year, and their holding out for a folk jam session when they eventually get to the stables.

I was further confused when they asked me to produce 16 horses heads.
Not fifteen, but sixteen.

This could only mean that not only must this be some kind of spaghetti western, but one of the cowboys is allergic to playing guitar.
So here's my collection of horses heads:

I can't wait to see this play. It sounds mental.


  1. Hahahahahaaaaaahaha, that's AMAZING!!

  2. Hmmmm could be an unplugged session of a 16 piece horse metal band, I heard the guitarless one was supposed to be on vocals but had to pull out cause he's a little horse...

  3. Sounds like a pretty good and original play to me. I'm in the wrong job. I want you to make me 10 octopi and 80 baseball bats!