Monday, 12 April 2010

Make your own

A young grom brought this monster of a homemade set-up into the store today and earned much praise for his efforts.
Bodging together your own ride is unfortunately in these disposable times, a rarity.
The average skate kid these days wouldn't have the knowhow or initiative to put a board like this together, instead they'll just come storming in the shop with their mums credit card and demand the latest graphic by johnny dicksplash.
So if you see the young visionary out on this board getting his DIY rad on, give him a shout, because building shit is the new shit.


  1. Haha awesome...he aint gunna get much pop outta that though

  2. yes- this is the future! i did some drawings of boards like this ages ago when i was thinking about starting a company called 'Board With Wheels' taking things back to basic basics. Love it. great blog btw, will be folloeing from now on.....

  3. looks like my old lake blank. actually - it looks better than my old lake blank as i'm sure you'll remember :-)

  4. yer tis:

  5. Hello, I'm 14 years old, and i have recently been working on a skateboard out of an old drawer. I have just finished sawing it down to something rideable. I have so far made the board using only things I own. However, I have run into a dillema. I don't own a drill so i cant put trunks on it....Any suggestions???

  6. Hello Yoni,
    Well done make for getting so far, especially using an old drawer! that sound amazing.
    If you havn't got your hands on a drill by now I can only suggest you copy the original ghetto rippers of the 60's and nail those trucks on there!
    If nothing else, at least it will hold until a drill turns up.
    Oh, and dont forget to make your own wheels in a science lesson at school... ;)