Monday, 24 January 2011

The 10 commandments...

There is a new addition to the carpark at Godrevy this year, in the form of an ancient tablet inscribed by the National Trust, educating us mere mortals on the correct decorum in the water.
'The Ten Commandments' is a nice gesture by the Trust to go to the effort of compiling this list of rules (or guidelines) in the first place. Its clearly aimed at people new to surfing who may not be aware of these things, all I know is there is now no excuse for those wrong doers, as its now set in stone!!
its also cleary aimed at dwarfs as the sign is on the floor, so you have to kneel down in dog shit to read it.
The commandments read as follows:
Rights of way (1 to 3)
1) furthest out or waiting the longest.
2) furthest inside (eh?) or closest to the peak.
3) first to feet or first up on the wave.
courtesy (4 to 6)
4) communicate, call left or right.
5)please do not drop in..
6)...or snake.
safety (7 to 9)
7) paddle wide away from surfers.
8) caught inside, stay in the whitewater, do not paddle into the path of riders.
9) for your own safety & that of others, do not throw away boards.
and finally...
10) respect the beauty of natures playground, and give the same respect to those who share it.


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